About Us

  • Oil Field

WCE Oil Field Services has built solid relationships and become a valuable team player throughout the Williston Basin. WCE wants our clients to know that it is a North Dakota based company and has proven WCE is here for the long haul. Being a minority owned company; we strive to become the safest, productive and lowest employee turn-over company in the field. Our past relationships with our clients has created a quality of life for our employees and it shows with our quality of work. As always, WCE will assist in any way possible to help fulfill all of our clients demands with quality, efficiency, and reliability. We will continue working with our clients as a successful TEAM.

With offices in Fargo, Dickinson and Stanley North Dakota. WCE is currently working in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and expanding into Texas. Employing over 275+ experienced individuals. WCE Oil Field Services has aligned itself with top professional resources, selected for their professional references and commitment to representing a company that will thrive in this exciting industry. WCE, Inc. has developed their expertise by bringing on qualified individuals with numerous years of experience in the pipeline and civil construction arena. We have solid crews and references for our future clients to resource as needed.


WCE Oil Field Services is committed to developing a profound understanding of our clients' projects and their unique needs, concerns and goals. This includes being knowledgeable about the products and services they offer, the target market they serve, and the organizational structure and strategies they follow. WCE believes it is of the utmost importance to have a clear understanding of our clients' goals and objectives and to integrate these into our energy services. Our goal is to establish an honest and trusting long-term relationship with our clients and we will constantly strive to attain this goal. With our extensive experience, continued training and services offered, WCE will be your personalized oil field services company, tailored specifically to meet and exceed your goals.